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Roller coaster tycoon
DIY Chroma key stand
How to make custom truck skin on ETS2 and ATS

RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch – Build a park | Timelapse | Android

RCT or the Roller Coaster Tycoon is a game that has pulled it off pretty well. Its been loved by many Strategy gamers and is been played over almost 2 decades. The game 1st was launched in 1999 and from there It kept getting better year after year. I was a kid when I saw it running for the first time on my uncles PC. Now in 2020 we have it on handhelds as well. The Video is about how to make a Roller Coaster theme park, in Timelapse.

Basically I have speed up a 2 hour long Video to fit in less than 15 minutes so that you dont get bored looking at the slow process of planning a park. Here I am playing a Mobile edition of Roller Coaster Tycoon Which is freely availale on Android and Apple Stores. The handheld version of the game is pretty detailed and keeps you engaged for hours. However its not too fast nither too slow like the SUPERCELL titles. The game is well paced and has you coming back to it everyday atleast twice to collect the IGC if not do anything else. And the best part is its FREE ! Now in this video you will see things going extremely fast however if you want me to make a detailed video on how to play this game. I am more than happy to do it. Lemme know in the comment section and I shall get back to you ASAP. CHEERS !!

PVC pipe Chroma Key stand (DIY)

I was struggling with keeping the Chroma Key cloth straight and wrinkle free, I looked up a few options on amazon for the same. There are many stands available for sale with many different features that helped the user get a professional setup but that made them expensive. I am no PRO, so my need was simple, Just to keep the cloth straight.

I didnt need any height adjustment or portability or any of those features so buy one of those was out of question. So I thought going the DIY way with PVC pipes, its a little wobbly but gets the job done just fine. Check out my PVC pipe Chroma key Stand. cheers !

How to make custom skins for your truck in Euro Truck Simulator 2 & American Truck Simulator (ETS2 & ATS)

Throttling Frames brand themed skin on the Peterblit 389 with 48ft trailer.

Hey guys I know all those who play the ETS2 (Euro Truck Simulator 2) or the ATS (American Truck Simulator) have thought about having a customized skin on their favorite trucks. And I also know that its been done previously. But It was only when I had the same thought in my mind about making a custom skin for my truck and when I started looking for ways I realized that the DATA available online is scattered and extremely confusing, Also it’s pretty old and some of it doesn’t apply today. Especially with the 1.37 update that was dropped in April, 2020. So I went digging deeper as I wanted to make sure that if I find a way then it has to be a one-stop-shop and no looking further. And guess what? I did find a way that’s start to end everything happening in one place, no extensions, no coding no fiddling with the game’s core files. And most importantly … it is easy!
Now since I found out an easy method I would like to share it with you too. So let’s find out how it’s done.

What do you need?

  1. A processing application (ModStudio2)
  2. A photo editing application like Photoshop, Paint, etc
  3. Templates (Truck and trailers both)

And for that, I had to look deeper but I’ll save you that time by putting everything in one place which is right here!

Download all the freeware here :

  1. ModStudio2
  2. (You can also use MSpaint that comes preinstalled on windows)
  3. Templates

Now let’s start building the custom skin for trucks in ETS-2 & ATS.

Firstly you need to download all of the above mentioned apps and templates. Install the applications and keep them ready for the process.

Now since I am more comfortable with editing images in Adobe Photoshop I’ll be using that to edit my images but you can use anything from Microsoft Paint to or any image editing software that lets to save the final image in .PNG format.

Quick primary steps:

  1. Work on the template
  2. Save the final image in PNG format
  3. Run that image through MODs Studio 2 and make it game ready (Mod skin)
  4. Add the Mod skin to the game and enable it within the game
  5. Enjoy your new skin

Detailed Explanation:

Keeping the primary steps in mind I will start working on the template file by opening that file in my editing software. Herein I will work on it layer by layer because I am more comfortable that way but if you want you can simply open a PNG image of the same template and start working on it.

So here I have the template opened in my editing software…

I played with a few layers here, made some really cool stickers and saved it as PNG. (NOTE: The making of the design is not the part of this tutorial)

You and unleash your creativity skills and make whatever you want to see on your truck in the game. Make your own design, use your ideas or .PNG images from copyright free imagery from the web. All you need to remember is the format .PNG whatever you do make sure its final stage is .PNG. So once you are satisfied with your design then you have to save it and move for the next step.

Template Editing Timelapse.

So after saving the PNG it looked like this…

Edited template

Once you have the .PNG (Your skin design) image ready then you have to open the Mods studio 2 and follow the instructions.

Mods studio 2

As of 06-05-2020 the Mods studio 2 supported games are the American Truck Simulator (ATS) and the Euro Truck Simulator2 (ETS2). Click on the game tile to start building your skin.

Mods studio 2

Once you select the game you are building the skin for, you can then pick the template on which you wish to work. For e.g in this case I am going to choose “Simple truck skin” because I am going to make a skin for my PETERBLIT 389 low roof sleeper cab.

Mods studio 2

You can then go ahead and select the simple truck skin template and start adding properties to it.

Under the first tab which is “Truck” you have to select which truck are you going to make the skin for. In this case I have chosen the Peterblit 389 and under the cab menu I ticked the low roof sleeper.

Mods studio 2

Under the basic tab you need to put in the details as shown above and you are done.

Mods studio 2

Here, on this step you need to be a little careful. under the image tab you need to click on the browse button and find the .PNG (Your truck skin) image that you made on the editing software. Select that image and move to the next tab.

Mods studio 2

Here on the icon tab you can either make your own icon in the image editing software that you are using or straight away go for default. Making your own icon is just an ornamental upgrade, It doesn’t affect the functionality of the skin.

Mods studio 2

You can leave the Metallic and Masking options untouched, if you are planning to make a full size truck covering skin then these options anyway wont matter or work in the game.

Mods Studio 2

Once you are done with all the tabs under the Simple truck skin, then you have to go to Mod manifest. Under Mod manifest you again have three tabs. Lets start with the Basic Tab.

You can have a look at the reference image above that should explain everything. You have to enter the Mod name, Mod author, Mod version as per shown.

You don’t have to touch the DLC dependencies option. You just need to fill up the first 3 spaces, Mod name, Mod author, Mod version and then straight come down to MOD category. Now since your skin is a type of paint job, you have to check on the paint job option only then it will show up in pain jobs when in game.

Mods Studio 2

The Next is the icon tab. here just like the icon tab under simple tuck skin you can either make your own icon in the image editing software that you are using or straight away go for default. Making your own icon is just an ornamental upgrade, It doesn’t affect the functionality of the skin.

Mods Studio 2

Under the Text tab you can add any description of your choice it makes no difference in the game, this is just for you convenience.

Mods Studio 2

Once both the Mod manifest & Simple truck skin forms are filled you can then proceed towards making the mod. Just click on the file option and go for the Export Mod option shown in the image below.

Mods Studio 2
Mods Studio 2

Make sure that you do not put the mod directly into your Documents you can save it on your drive and then copy paste in your ATS MODs directory.

Mods Studio 2
Windows Explorer

Application of the skin

Please follow the Steps shown in the video for application.

American Truck Simulator

Congratulations ! You are almost done, from here on you have to jump into the game Activate your Mod then take your truck (in this case its a Peterblit 389 Low roof Sleeper cab) to any of the service stations on the map. Usually shown with a white wrench on a red background. Go there with your truck hit enter and select truck configurator here you just have to go to the paint job section and select your skin under the colour menu and there you have it on your truck. YAY !!

If you found this useful please follow my other online social profiles mentioned below for such amazing content. Thankyou for your support Cheers !

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