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Maxtech is a platform for tech lovers. This is not just a tech blog but a one stop shop for all of your techy needs. We are based out of Mumbai, India and we also have a walking store at Mulund (East). Where we take care of all your tech related queries.

We also double as a retail store for computers and related peripherals.

Gamers, I need your attention !!

Throttling Frames is a product of Maxtech dedicated for gaming. We ourselves are ardent fan of PC/Console gaming and would like to share/exchange information on related topics.

We also specialize in developing bleeding edge gaming PCs. We understand framerates and so we make sure neither heat nor dust or any factor that can cause a drop in framerate are acting up. We promise ultimate gaming experience without drilling a hole in your pocket.

You can connect with us on our social networks and can watch our LIVE streams, Can subscribe us on YouTube for our how to videos and for enquiries you can simply DM us on our official instagram handle for a quick reply.

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