Evolution of the game Desperados – 2001 to 2020

John Cooper, A character from my childhood who I wont forget for all that hes done for his mates for over years. I first me him in 2001 and was an instant fan of his actions, his voice, his stance, his skills oh the list just doesn’t end. In 2001 I was barely 12 years old and was just introduced to a completely new genre of computer games known as the strategy games. After going all head over toes for the Age of Empires 2 just an year ago of the release of the desperados I felt pretty intrigued with the style of playing the desperados brought to the strategy games. The title initially felt a little difficult since this game was fast paced and needed your attention almost all the time. A slight mistake and it would cost you hours of playing that is if you haven’t saved your progress time to time.

Evolution of Desperados

Coming back to John Cooper, A protagonist of the Desperados franchise. A strong personality straight from the wild west with a group of other bounty hunters stormed the scene and with its 1st title which had lot going around which its name “Desperados shadow of el diablo” which later got out as “Desperados Wanted dead or alive” and since then it had 2 more sequels such as the Coopers’s revenge which came out in April 2006 and immediately after that in June 2007 rolled out the 3rd title “Helldorado” which initially was planned as an add-on to the Coopers Revenge but later got out as a full game.

All of these titles had John Cooper playing the lead and the others like, Kate O’Hara, Doctor McCoy, Samuel, Hawk-eye, and Pablo Sanchez were there to help him get the bandits out of the way with their unique skill sets. Doc McCoy being the alchemist of the group played an extremely important role in keeping the others including John alive on the map.

Renders from the Desperados Gangs title

But after the release of the Helldorado the team disappeared into thin air and were never heard again. It also took away all possibilities of another sequel to the story with it. A decade passed and in 2017 came out the news of a new modern day strategy title that rumoured to have multiplayer modes like Co-op etc which to many sounded like home. It was called the “Desperados Gangs”. With this news all those who were associated with the earlier titles started looking for the released date of the Desperados Gang, also tried to fetch in more information about the same but none succeeded. The ill fated title “Desperados Gangs” vanished. All we know today is the project never took off from the drawing board since it never received any funding. It all went quite again for another 3 years only to be heard of it again in 2020 and this time it came in with a bang.

Desperados 3 Gameplay

The German developers from Mimimi games and publisher, THQ Nordic confirmed the launch of the all new title called “Desperados 3” which is not a sequel this time but a prequel to the whole Desperados line up we saw till date. This means John is young and is being trained under professionals. This modern day title has all its roots from the very beginning and sure is going to be absolutely amazing.

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