Buying and Customizing MACK Anthem Truck in American Truck Simulator

Hey guys hope you all are doing fine. So since the time the SCS software announced that American Truck Simulator is about to get a new DLC that will bring in the MACK dealership with its flagship Truck the Anthem. I was all ready for it. For quite some time I was invested in reading about the brand MACK and its products. In no time I became a huge fan of the make and when I learned about it coming to the American Truck Simulator I started saving for it in real money just in case it was a paid DLC and also in-game money just so that once it’s launched I can buy it.

I thank SCS software for bringing it for free that saved my real money, But what about my in-game money? let’s watch the video for it. This video is made in 2 elaborated parts that explain most of the MACK ANTHEM. The first part shows finding the dealership, buying the truck, and driving it back to my San Fransisco garage, and the second part shows the customizing of the truck.

Here is the first part of the video, let’s get that MACK!


Here is the second part of the video, let’s make that MACK!


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