War against the Corona Virus / COVID 19

Hey whats up people ! This video explains you how you can contribute towards the fight against corona virus / COVID 19 just using your computer. Since the lockdown we all cant do much but sit at home which also adds to the contribution but there is something more we can do from home.

Many of you guys are working from home during the lockdown period, most of your work is document based for e.g MS word, MS powerpoint, MS excel etc. Many are using just the browser for checking mails, while few are taking a break from their work and watching a movie or a show on netflix. Now all of the above is categorized as lite work when it comes to computation power yet most of us are using mid to top spec computers. So the baseline is you guys have a lot of unused computation power which through video can be put to a good use.

How to fight against corona virus / COVID 19 using just your computer

If you have mined before (for any crypto currency) you dont need an explanation on how this works. However if you haven’t, then a short description to it will be, the application that you download from the website will connect your computer to their servers and access raw data which is then downloaded onto your computer, processed and sent back to the server. for most details watch the full video.

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